Mosoly Otthon Foundation

The Mosoly Otthon Public Utility Foundation was created in September 2006 to help people living with autism live in circumstances worthy of human life.

According to the latest researches one in every hundred children is autistic or has autistic symptoms. It means there are nearly 100 000 autistic children and adults living in Hungary, whose attendance is not sufficiently solved.

The main target audience of our activities is the young adults, who – being over 16, the school age – get out of the education system and they are not – or just partly – capable of living independently. These young people are taken into the big institutions for the handicapped or they remain “children forever” living together with their aging parents. The results achieved by the persistent and consistent development in their childhood will perish if they get out of the community: their social and communication skills will wither. Both are obligate solutions that cannot fulfill the special needs of autism: they finally get into psychiatry institutions.

In the same time, in proper physical and personal surroundings, with treatment taking notice of their capabilities, personalities, the difficulties in their behavior and integration can be reduced, and a significant improvement can be reached in their walk of life so that they can live a life worthy of a human.

This recognition lead the founders of Mosoly Otthon to support the subsistence and operation of the family-like autistic homes that are run by civilians and provide help for their attending activity.

Our activities serving this aim are:

  • every year ever since 2008 we organize the charity auction Fogadj be! for the benefit of the autistic homes
  • art sessions lead by an artist for the autistic people living in the homes
  • exhibitions of the pieces of art by autistic people
  • trainings for home managers and employees (organization development and management organization, autism-aspect training)
  • supporters, support mediation for homes
  • renovation, installation of home buildings, gardens, equipment
  • financial and other support of homes and autistic organizations
  • organizing differenc cultural programs for autistic people
  • introducing autism and having it accepted by the majority of society

Art activity of Mosoly Otthon Foundation

In 2008 it organized its first Fogadj be! (Accept Me!) charity auction in order to support two areas that are in difficult situation in Hungary. Artworks of young contemporary fine artist were offered for sale in order to promote the cause of autistic and mentally impaired people. This combination led to an artistic program in residential homes supported by the foundation. Fine artist, Hajnalka Tarr, served as artistic director of the two-year-old project, which drew the attention of the contemporary art world and the media to some extraordinary talented autistic artist.

An exhibition in Miskolc Gallery entitled “A konkrét birodalma “(The Realm of Tangibility) introduced the works of these autistic artists. This exhibition was followed by another in September of 2010 in the Hungarian National Gallery, where the second Fogadj be! (Accept Me!) charity auction offered 99 artworks from 18 autistic artists and brought success and financial support to the residential homes of the artists. Zsolt Petrányi, General Director of Műcsarnok (The Hall of Art) said that “it would be difficult tell whether these works of art are contemporary artworks or not. Their sensitivity, sentimentality and material usage make them able to compete with any professional artwork. ”

To complete the extraordinary program, the autistic artists participated in an exhibition called “Private Labyrinths – joint exhibition of creators living with autism and contemporary fine artists”, taking place in the Hungarian National Gallery between May and September of 2011. The works of 18 autistic and 6 contemporary fine artists were presented together. According to experts and the curator of the exhibition, contemporary graphic methodologies often show startling resemblance with typical drawings of people living with autism.

Seeking international recognition for this program and this collection, which is unique around the world, Mosoly Otthon Foundation organizes its 3rd Fogadj be! (Accept Me!) auction on November 26th, 2011. The auction will select from the most recent works of autistic artists, and once again, the income will be offered to support the residential homes of people with autism.

Mosoly Otthon Foundation (MOHA)