Floss scarves, dresses, furniture and gifts, social laundry and restaurant –the social projects of MOHA Foundation and its Miskolc partners (Miskolc Autistic Foundation and Symbiosis Foundation) were introduced at a fashion show in Miskolc Plaza.

The drawings created during the art sessions of the Foundation appear on the dresses and floss scarves that were shown on the runway. At the event, young autistic people, who work in MAACRAFT, the social workshop of Miskolc Autistic Foundation, introduced the process of production. Catering was provided by Batyu-Téka, a restaurant of Symbiosis Foundation that employs people living with autism or other disabilities. The employees of the Foundation also showed the process of mould-making paper and creation of decor pouches. The programs promote the integration of these people and prove that people living with autism can be useful and active members of society.

MOHA Foundation initiated a collection of donations for saving the autistic home in Boncodfölde that is at the edge of termination. The organization supporting autistic homes decided to offer the total income of the online sales of Autistic Art products to the troubled home. Beyond that, MOHA doubles each forint of incoming donation.

Winners of Highlights of Hungary

Autistic Art, fashion brand using autistic creations became one of the most creative projects at the competition called Highlights of Hungary. The challenge, organized by Super Channel, involved last year’s 44 most innovative projects for the public award. Autistic Art won the 5th place.

Super Channel is famous for being a creative content provider and developer has organized the second competition for participants entered by 10 curators from the creative business. Curators selected the 44 best projects from which the public voted for the best 10 at the online poll between 19-31 January this year.

Products with autistic graphic art at the most prestigious Hungarian design show

Hungarian Design Award of Museum of Applied Arts has turned 35 years old. At the jubilee exhibition, the public could also meet the floss scarves made with the design of autistic people living in homes supported by MOHA Foundation.

The Hungarian Design Award and the Design Management Award exhibition introducing the most acknowledged parts of Hungarian design can be seen at the Museum of Applied Arts. The exhibition that celebrates the 35th anniversary of existence, can be attended until 2nd November; it introduces the creations honored with the Hungarian Design Award, the company favored with the Design Management Award, and six other highlighted organizations, one of which is MOHA who participate at the exhibition with its brand, Autistic Art.

World sensation: work of autistic artists on the catwalk

You could witness an unexampled initiative, if you attended the latest fashion show of the Hungarian fashion brand, Autistic Art, that uses the drawings of autistic artists. Namely, MOHA Foundation, founded by György Jaksity, realizes a unique initiative in Hungary: founded an independent design brand based on the work of artists living with autism. The foundation has supported the autistic homes with 90 million forints in the past 6 years; their art work appear on exclusive floss scarves and other products as well. On the Foundation Evening on 13th November, the collection envisioned together with Kele Clothing and Artista Studio was introduced.

The new, exclusive floss scarf collection and clothes of Autistic Art brand, envisioned together with Hungarian designers took the leading role of the MOHA Foundation Evening on 13th November, 2014. The fashion show in VAM Design Center introduces the scarves decorated with the drawings of autistic artists and also a collection that was vivified by two Hungarian fashion brands. The drawings of autistic artists inspired the unique patterned pullovers designed by Kele Clothing for Autistic Art, and the individual collection of Artista Studio as well. The art director of the fashion show was stylist Márk Lakatos, director was Gabi Lukács, who also directed the fashion show embracing Hungarian talents: Gombold Újra!


Last year, MOHA Foundation spent nearly 13 million HUF was spent on the support of Hungarian autistic homes, so the total amount of incoming support of the past six years exceeded 100 million HUF. The foundation besides working for the improvement of the autistic children’s and young adults’ walks of life, also operates special art therapeutic sessions.

MOHA Foundation, founded by György Jaksity closed a successful year: in 2014, nearly 13 million HUF could be spent on the support of the Hungarian autistic homes. The income from the auctions, and the sale of the Foundation’s own design brand, Autistic Art products was received by 11 homes, in the past six years, the amount of the total support – together with this year’s record-level amount, exceeded 100 million HUF.

Matchlessly in Hungary, MOHA Foundation organizes such special art therapeutic sessions in six homes that meet the requirements of the autistic people. The pieces of art born at the sessions are introduced at the Foundation’s charity auctions and exhibitions, and their patterns also appear on the exclusive floss scarves, notebooks, jumpers and T-shirts of the design brand created by the Foundation. The income from these products also serves charity purposes.

2014 was an important year in the life of MOHA Foundation, since – as a result of the realization of numerous projects – more and more people had the chance to learn about the work of the Foundation. We had an exhibition (GyerekKORtárs ~ Contemporary Childhood) in Virág Judit Gallery, where the childhood drawings of 31 Hungarian contemporary artists were exhibited, and our annual donation gala, MOHA Foundation Evening was also a success – added Zsuzsa Czunyi.

At the event, the brand new Autistic Art floss scarf collection, using the patterns of autistic artists, was introduced at a fashion show, together with the new, common collections with Kele Clothing and Artista. After the fashion show, at the charity auction, 65 pieces from contemporary and autistic artists could be bid on. The income of the auction and the product sale, and the donation also supported the homes.

In 2014, Autistic Art brand portfolio also broadened: the drawings from the sessions appeared not only on the exclusive floss scarves, but on elegant notebooks as well, and these products are also available in a webshop and in Budapest fashion stores as well.

About MOHA Foundation

The mission of MOHA Foundation is to improve the walks of life of autistic children and young adults. The non-profit organization supports 11 autistic homes by organizing exhibitions and auctions, and the sale of design products. Besides, MOHA Art Program is the only one in Hungary to provide art sessions with a contemporary aspect that introduces the internal world of the autistic people and strengthens their own visual tool system. The drawings and pieces of art born at the sessions are introduced at charity auctions and exhibitions, and the outstanding pieces also appear on Autistic Art design fashion brand products, scarves, notebooks, jumpers.


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MOHA had it’s 5th charity auction irregularly at the 10th International Autism–Europe Congress, as a separate program. The auction, led by Judit Virág, collected 18 million forints from the pieces of work by contemporary Hungarian and international artists, and from the pieces made in the autistic residential homes. The highest price for the work of an autistic artist was 320.000 Ft, for a contemporary art piece it was 2.400.000 Ft. This year’s charity auction introduced a real exclusive product: besides the painting auction, we offered 100% silk scarves – decorated with motives by the autistic artists – for bidding.

  sálak_AAA_3437 HajniAAA_3569-300x199

 Jaksity György, founder of MOHA, said: “after the beginning of the crisis, the economic environment (in Hungary) is getting weaker continuously, and – with more and more work – the civilian sphere is having more difficulty getting financial support from the business world, which can also be seen in our own fundraising activity. This evening, however, proved, that due to the continuously maintained partnership, our renewed and developing programs and more innovative support seeking methods, we can finance our art therapy activity as well, besides the everyday work of the residential homes. Thanks to the winnings of the auction, this year more than ten million forints, from our own resources, a further similar amount is available for us for the support of the autistic residential homes.”


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26 September 2013.


5th Charity Auction

Date:                    26th September, 2013., 8 pm.
Venue:                10th International Autism-Eurpoe Congress, Budapest Congress Center

The best art works of the autistic artists of this year – selected by Hajnalka Tarr, the leader of the Autistic Art Program – will be exhibited at the location of the 10th Congress on Autism at the Autistic Art exhibition along with works by contemporary figurative artists – focusing on the similarities.

On the first day of the Congress the art works will be offered for charity auction, led by Judit Virág. The auction is followed by an exclusive gala evening with dinner and the performances of a talented young pianist, Balázs Kálvin (living with autism) and Júlia Kaposi, jazz singer.

All income of our 5th Charity Auction will support the residential homes improving the living conditions of these young artists living with autism.

Auction Items

Artists living with autism

Contemporary artists



Location: Judit Virág Gallery and Auction House, 1055 Budapest, Falk Miksa u. 30.
Open: to 23rd September 2013, Monday-Friday: 10 am – 6 pm, Saturday: 10 am – 1 pm

Mosoly Otthon Foundation arranged this contemporary art exhibition from the work of leading international and Hungarian contemporary artists. The specialty of the collection is that the subjective artistic expression is visualized through an objective system of regulations in these pieces of art. This objective system of regulations is different in case of each of the eleven exhibited artists, e.g. Dora Maurer creates pieces within composition frameworks based on serials, Jorinde Voigt uses algorithms, Katalin Hausel prefers geometric systems, the artist couple of the Société Réaliste builds on iconography and visualization of political and social data, while Bernar Venet uses algebraical representation indefinable by mathematics.

Our contemporary exhibition called There’s no need to understand it all asks for the help of contemporary art to understand that the characteristic of autism, superpositioning structure above anything else, is not as far from us as we may think.

Exhibited artists: Balazs Fekete, Katalin Hausel, Mihály Maljusin, Dora Maurer, Morgan O’Hara, Société Réaliste, Kamilla Szij, Csaba Uglar, Gyula Varnai, Bernar Venet, Jorinde Voigt

Professional partner: acb Gallery
Exhibition opened by: Jozsef Melyi, art historian
Curator of the exhibition: Hajnalka Tarr
Assistant curator: Viola Lukacs