On 27th November 2011, the third Fogadj be! auction was held by Concorde Zrt and Mosoly Otthon Foundation, where – similarly to the one of 2010 – the artwork of autistic creators was auctioned. The pieces of artwork were born on the Fogadj be! fine art program sessions, coordinated by Hajnalka Tarr, art leader of MOHA.  99 pieces of 17 talented autistic artist were auctioned, collecting 18 million forints thanks to the supporters.

“It is a great pleasure that in spite of the national and international crisis and bad mood affecting both protection and civilian sphere, this year’s auction was also a success. We have many supporters who bid on pictures last year as well, which is also delightful, since our original aim was to establish a long term relationship between supporters and homes. This is  a great help for those living with autism and their tenders, since they have the chance to think outside using  the optimal, one-off subsidy. Their development program now got the chance to target new stages” – said György Jaksity, chair of the managing board of Concorde Értékpapír Zrt, and the founder of the inchoation. More