5th Charity Auction

Date:                    26th September, 2013., 8 pm.
Venue:                10th International Autism-Eurpoe Congress, Budapest Congress Center

The best art works of the autistic artists of this year – selected by Hajnalka Tarr, the leader of the Autistic Art Program – will be exhibited at the location of the 10th Congress on Autism at the Autistic Art exhibition along with works by contemporary figurative artists – focusing on the similarities.

On the first day of the Congress the art works will be offered for charity auction, led by Judit Virág. The auction is followed by an exclusive gala evening with dinner and the performances of a talented young pianist, Balázs Kálvin (living with autism) and Júlia Kaposi, jazz singer.

All income of our 5th Charity Auction will support the residential homes improving the living conditions of these young artists living with autism.

Auction Items

Artists living with autism

Contemporary artists


index_10-1 14 million forints was collected at the third (fourth! ) Fogadj be! auction of Concorde Értékpapír Zrt and Mosoly Otthon Foundation. The chamber auction was held in Restaurant Cyrano.
The bids on the pieces of artwork by young people living with autism called the attention on the fact that even in times of crisis we must not forget about those who might need our help.
The Fogadj be! program was launched in 2008 with the aim to connect supporters, contemporary art and those who need help for everyday life. At the first auction, juried contemporary artwork was auctioned and the artists were connected to an autistic home. The supporters undertook that they buy artwork from that artist for two more years and at the same time, they provide support for the related home for the total of three consecutive years, which – at the outburst of the crisis – was a great help for the homes.

On 27th November 2011, the third Fogadj be! auction was held by Concorde Zrt and Mosoly Otthon Foundation, where – similarly to the one of 2010 – the artwork of autistic creators was auctioned. The pieces of artwork were born on the Fogadj be! fine art program sessions, coordinated by Hajnalka Tarr, art leader of MOHA.  99 pieces of 17 talented autistic artist were auctioned, collecting 18 million forints thanks to the supporters.

“It is a great pleasure that in spite of the national and international crisis and bad mood affecting both protection and civilian sphere, this year’s auction was also a success. We have many supporters who bid on pictures last year as well, which is also delightful, since our original aim was to establish a long term relationship between supporters and homes. This is  a great help for those living with autism and their tenders, since they have the chance to think outside using  the optimal, one-off subsidy. Their development program now got the chance to target new stages” – said György Jaksity, chair of the managing board of Concorde Értékpapír Zrt, and the founder of the inchoation. More

Significantly high income at the auction of works by autistic creators

On 26th September 2010 Concorde Group and Mosoly Otthon Foundation held the second auction of Fogadj be! program, at which 100 pieces of artwork by 18 autistic creators were auctioned. The auction collected more than 26 million forint thanks to the supporters, who – in spite of the crisis – attended the event in force. The income of the auction was transferred to the homes tending young autistic people.

The significance of this year’s charity auction is that the work of the tenants of these homes, mostly autistic people were auctioned; they created value and significantly contributed to the subsistence of their home. More

Mosoly Otthon Foundation (MOHA) and Concorde Group launched the Fogadj be! program in 2008 with the aim to help young and promising contemporary artists via classic protection, ie. purchasing pieces of artwork, connected to the support of homes for young people with autism. The charity auction held in Műcsarnok on 26th June 2008, with the cooperation of Judit Virág, was a serious success: all items were sold in the auction and a total amount of 76 million forints of commitment (for three years) were made.

The exclusivity of the program is that the supporters were requested to give a three-year commitment: those who bought the package of a young artist’s artwork and the support of a home, had to undertake that for two more years they provide the same amount for both the artist and the home. More