It is not easy to thoroughly understand people living with the autism spectrum disorder. Among others, their communication and social interaction skills are damaged, meaning that they do not have the tools that we use every moment to understand and to be understood. In many cases it results in their safe withdrawal. Due to their socializing difficulties we believe people with autism to prefer solitude, and unsociable. But we are wrong. A significant percentage of people with autism is happy if we try to approach them considering and adapting to their lack of tools.
Ever since 2010, Mosoly Otthon Foundation discovered numerous extremely talented autistic creators, and involving artists, undertook the attendance and visual development of these talented artists. As a result, more than 1000 pieces of art were born and 2 countrywide-known exhibitions and 3 successful charity auctions were held, that aimed to improve the walk of life of people living with autism and to support the subsistence of their homes.

„Many of the people with autism is a “visual thinker”. I think in pictures. I do not think with language. My thoughts are moving in my imagination like video recordings. The pictures are my “mother tongue” and words are like a second language.” (Temple Grandin)